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A UT Professor Explains Why you Don’t Remember Things as They Really Were

  Think back to when you were young. Chances are, you have a couple of fragments of memories from when you were 3 or 4 years old. People generally don’t...


A UT Professor Explains What the Mindfulness Buzz is All About

  Mindfulness is everywhere right now. Articles in magazines tout its effectiveness at reducing stress. People talk about mindfulness as an antidote to the...


KUT’s Art Markman on the Mandela Effect

I grew up watching the original Star Wars trilogy. A central part of the drama of these films (spoiler alert!) comes from Darth Vader’s revelation at the end...


Why Your New Year’s Resolutions Always Fail

KUT’s “Two Guys on Your Head” co-host and UT professorArt Markman on why your New Year’s resolutions always fail. By the time you read this, your New Year’s...


KUT Host Art Markman: The Neuroscience Behind Binge-Watching

Television is a central focus of modern life. Not only do people spend their days with their faces buried in screens, but they unwind by finding something to watch....


KUT Host Art Markman: Get Out of Your Opinion Bubble

Art Markman, co-host of KUT’s Two Guys on Your Head and a professor of psychology and marketing at UT, says you should talk with more people who are not like...

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