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From UT to UTMB

  On August 15, 2014, three UT alumni became University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston alumni, graduating from the Physician Assistant Studies program. Pictured...


Longhorn Selfie in Rome

Lori Hernandez, BJ ’97, Life Member, takes a selfie at the Pantheon in Rome, Italy, in September 2014.


Longhorn Flag Flies High

Andrew Michael Anderson, BA ’08, Life Member, plants a flag on a mountain in Masonic Park in South Fork, Colorado. Anderson says that he and his family...


Horns Up in Casa De Campo

Antonio Hendricks, BFA ’94, loves to throw his horns up everywhere he travels—this time, he’s in Casa de Campo, Dominican Republic.


Longhorn Family Photos

                      On the left, third-generation Longhorns Austin and Addison Evans, 9 and 6 years old,...


Mother Nature is a Longhorn

  Richard Miller, BA ’78, snapped this shot of new ice forming from the footbridge on Silver Lake, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.


Burnt Orange at the Sea of Galilee

Christian R. González, BJ ’97, Life Member, put his horns up outside the Church of the Beatitudes with the Sea of Galilee behind him. He visited the area as...


A Ski Run With Horns

Mark Miller, BA ’06, Life Member, admires the scenery from his favorite ski run, the Hook’em Horns, at Colorado’s Loveland Ski Area.


All Phones to Classroom Mode

By now most teachers have developed a keen eye for students texting in class. Cell phones are an obvious distraction for students, and two economics professors...


The ‘Natural Thing to Do’: A Longhorn Donates 525 Acres for Public Park

Jack Garey, BBA ’55, LLB ’57, stands on the front porch of his guest house, pointing out the glinting rooftops on the horizon. New housing developments surround...