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Texas Unleashes Stampede for Science

You hear it before you see it—a roar like a factory in full production. But instead of cars or washing machines, this factory produces scientific knowledge. Stampede,...



Great Ideas on Energy: Automated Drilling, Government Support, Cooling Down Supercomputers

A century ago, The University of Texas was built on energy. Some sources may have changed, but as these brilliant innovations prove, UT is still charging ahead. 17....


UT Snags $18.5 Million Grant To Advance Nanomanufacturing

Wearable electronics, foldable laptops, and rollable batteries—a whole new nanomanufacturing industry is within view, and with a huge new federal grant, UT-Austin...


Cockrell School of Engineering Racks Up the Accolades

A little over a year ago, Forbes called UT’s Cockrell School of Engineering a “secret weapon” of Austin’s growth in the field of innovation. And now—thanks...


UT Wins $50 Million to Build ‘Stampede’ Supercomputer

Last week, news broke that UT has won a grant to build the baddest-ass supercomputing system anywhere. The machine, which will be called “Stampede,”...

Sept | Oct 2019
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