The ‘Natural Thing to Do': A Longhorn Donates 525 Acres for Public Park

Jack Garey, BBA ’55, LLB ’57, stands on the front porch of his guest house, pointing out the glinting rooftops on the horizon. New housing developments surround...


The Way Back: Lady Bird’s Eye View

As the film pops and flickers, a young woman with arched eyebrows, warm eyes, and an ever-so-slightly lopsided smile is tearing into her companion. The man, in...


Don’t Look Back

Bo Scaife and Selvin Young missed out on greatness in the NFL, but together they helped each other start the rest of their lives. Professional sports history is...


Boomerang Days: It Tolls For Me

A Longhorn does college all over again. I have my UT fantasies. Skinny dipping in the Turtle Pond, tattooing my face on Bevo’s underbelly, trapping and eating...


The Painted World

A woman in a beautiful red dress squeezes down the narrow aisle of a small Air Botswana plane. Anne McCullough’s hand instinctively reaches for her sketchbook,...


First Class

Four years after welcoming its inaugural class to campus, the Forty Acres Scholars Program watches its first graduates cross the stage. For years, UT had been losing...


May | June Alumni Authors

Lifted by the Great Nothing by Karim Dimechkie, MFA ’14 Former Michener fellow Karim Dimechkie’s debut novel is the story of a Lebanese-American boy exploring...


The Alcalde Crossword [March | April 2015 Solution]

Click here to see the solution to the March | April 2015 Alcalde crossword.


Longhorn Furry Friends

Petra Lampertz, BA, BS ’09, Life Member, shared this photo of her cat, Francie, pictured left, who has recently become very attached to her Longhorn football...


Horns Up in Corpus

Clara Villarreal Varner, BS ’91, Life Member, has been a Virginia resident for over 20 years, but recently visited family in Corpus Christi. She paused for a...

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