May | June 2015



Other Worldly

Inside the virtual reality boom


The Way Back: Lady Bird’s Eye View

As the film pops and flickers, a young woman with arched eyebrows, warm eyes, and an ever-so-slightly lopsided smile is tearing into her companion. The man, in...


The Law of the Land

Nearly two decades in, is the Top 10 Percent Law working? In the late 1990s, the legal grounds were shifting beneath UT. The 1996 Hopwood v. Texas decision banned...


The Best of College

A unique UT program aims to give freshmen the quintessential university experience. Deciding on a major and, naturally, the trajectory of your entire life, is a...


Don’t Look Back

Bo Scaife and Selvin Young missed out on greatness in the NFL, but together they helped each other start the rest of their lives. Professional sports history is...



The Texas 10

This year marks the fourth time the Alcalde has asked alumni to tell us about their favorite UT professors for a teaching award we call the Texas 10. Honorifics...


Trending Now: Hammocks and Hippie Fashion

Hammocking The act of laying in a hammock is now so popular it’s become a verb: hammocking. The new Texas Hammocking Club—founded by two students who enjoy...



Powers Takes His Leave

After nine years as president, Bill Powers reflects on a long, productive, and sometimes rocky journey. On June 2, 2015, William C. Powers Jr. will step down as...


Letter from the CEO: One of Our Own

The meaningful life of JJ Baskin Just a few weeks before I became the executive director of the Texas Exes in July 2011, word got out that I was assuming the role,...


Constant Change

Life moves fast on the Forty Acres. Alumni support makes all the difference. I recently saw a photo from 1903 of three University of Texas students sitting in a...

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