March | April 2016



In the Zone

Another day, another win for the Texas women’s basketball team.


Fighting Fear With Design

Cutting through the emotions surrounding campus carry, a group of design students brainstorms practical solutions. Few subjects have ever been as controversial...


Gilmore Guys

How two alums recapping a long-gone TV show created one of the most popular podcasts in America. In a makeshift studio in a Hollywood church, two 20-somethings...


The Way Back: Turtle Power

There’s no evidence to suggest that the inhabitants of Turtle Pond ever met Tessie, a giant mechanical Franken-turtle built at UT in 1954, but at roughly 4 feet...


March|April 2016 Alumni Authors

Just Pray for Jo by Terry Luke, BA ’68, Life Member Luke’s debut novel is the story of a young Texas woman looking for her own way in life. Jo Tyson comes from...


Boomerang Days: All of Me

A Longhorn does college all over again. Being a Longhorn is all about stepping outside your comfort zone: meeting friends, exploring subjects, posing nude in front...


Meet the Beadle

ESPN broadcaster Michelle Beadle refuses to stay on the sidelines. On May 2 of last year, a Filipino politician and the black son of a prizefighter tapped gloves...



The Road to Zero

Inside the university’s fight against sexual assault Nancy Daley used to tape the stories to her office door. She began saving them in the late ’90s: short...



Love, Coco

I want my baby granddaughter to know me—but she’s 2,000 miles away and life is uncertain. So I’m writing her letters I hope she’ll read someday. First,...


The Bullhorn: January 1948

We’ve dug deep into the Alcalde archives to bring you historical campus news. The events described below actually happened.* by Uriah T. Schrivner Campus nightowls...

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