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The Alcalde Crossword [July | August 2014 Solution]

Click here to see the solution to the July | August 2014 Alcalde crossword.




After fears about peak oil, greenhouse gases, and our dependence on Middle Eastern oil, the world of energy has suddenly flipped. Oil and gas production are up, imports...


Good Reads: July | August 2014

New books of interest to the Longhorn Universe Charlie Chaplin, Director By Donna Kornhaber We know him best as the mustachioed actor who was the biggest star of...


Game On

A first-of-its-kind archive at UT’s Briscoe Center is preserving video game history. In the summer of 1979, a teenager and incoming UT freshman named Richard...


A Seat at the Table

While growing up in one of America’s “food deserts,” Johnie Jones III, MPAff ’11, watched his neighbors struggle. Now he’s working to give low-income families...


Querida Argentina

The Flying Longhorns find a taste of Texas in Buenos Aires and Patagonia. “The eyes of Texas are upon you!” The group belted out, horns proudly raised to...


Good Fellow

Biomedical engineering prodigy Ashvin Bashyam just hit the trifecta of prestigious science fellowships. Maybe you’ve had this nightmare: Dressed in a suit and...



The Road Back to Film School

Robert Rodriguez has been held up as the prototypical film school dropout, a walking argument for doing things your own way and bypassing a formal education. But...



1,000,000,000,000,000 Watts

Or, the Secret of the Big Beam. Photography by Robert Shults If you descend two stories beneath Robert Lee Moore Hall, down into the basement, and stroll through...



Party Partial

Former Texas Supreme Court Chief Justice Wallace Jefferson wants to transform how judges are selected in Texas. Can he succeed where his predecessors have failed? Wallace...

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