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The Longhorn Lope: A Recipe For UT’s Unofficial Cocktail

To add a little garnish to the Alcalde interactive feature on six Longhorns leading the Texas booze boom, we asked author of The Essential New York Times Book...


North of the Border

Forging a path from the Rio Grande Valley to the Forty Acres I’m standing under the fluorescent lighting of my high school hallway in McAllen, Texas. For a moment,...


Trophy Hunters

In an era when everyone has some kind of award on the shelf, the mantle, or in the attic, what is a trophy really worth? In college football, quite a bit. Besides...


The Way Back: Pig Out

Unlocking the vault of UT history Before Bevo, Longhorn fans were endeared to another four-legged friend. Pig Bellmont was named after Gus “Pig” Dittmar, a...


To the Egg-streme

A shell is the canvas for Leigh Harris. Jeweled and beaded, carved, painted and filigreed, lined with satin or containing tiny dioramas, Leigh Harris’ eggs look...


All Business

This year marks the centennial celebration of UT’s first graduating class to earn a business degree. In the early 1900s, business students at the University of...



Shaky Ground

As oil and gas production has boomed again in Texas and Oklahoma, earthquakes have become a startling byproduct. Gordon Laird was standing at the foot of the bed....


2016 Distinguished Alumni Awards: A Moment in Time

Each year, some of the best and brightest return to the Forty Acres to receive the most prestigious honor bestowed upon UT-Austin alumni: the Distinguished Alumnus...


Editor’s Letter: Goodbye, and Good Luck

For the past seven years it has been my privilege to serve as editor-in-chief of this cherished magazine. By the time you read this, it will be someone else’s...



Six Longhorns Leading the Texas Booze Boom

As Texas becomes a haven for brewers, winemakers, and distillers, these six Longhorn brands are leading the way.

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