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The Alcalde Crossword [July | August 2014 Solution]

Click here to see the solution to the July | August 2014 Alcalde crossword.


Meet the 9-Year-Old Who’s Made His Bed Every Day Since Watching the McRaven Speech

Last spring, Chris Fitzpatrick was listening to the radio in her car when she caught a snippet of audio about a popular commencement speech at UT-Austin. Although...


Ricky Williams on Life After Football

Ricky Williams has never been afraid to reinvent himself. He walked away from the NFL in 2004, to the shock and ire of fans, the media, and, he says, virtually...


On His First Day as Chancellor, McRaven Takes to Twitter

  In his 37-year military career, Admiral William McRaven went on top-secret missions as a Navy SEAL, rose to the rank of four-star admiral, commanded the...


The Dogs of War

A UT professor’s new documentary examines the bond between military working dogs and their handlers. Sergeant Marcin Radwin is on patrol in Zabul, Afghanistan....


The Climb

A student hikes Kilimanjaro twice. The first time Alex D’Jamoos climbed Kilimanjaro, he crawled for up to 12 hours at a time. The skin on his hands shredded and...


The Things They Carried

Inside the Texas Archaeological Research Laboratory. On a day 4,000 years ago, a man living in what is now Southwest Texas’ Val Verde County set out on a hunting...


The Longhorn Post

These burnt-orange postcards from the collection of professor emeritus Waneen Spirduso offer a colorful look at UT history. Ah, the humble postcard. Americans mailed...


The Top Alcalde Stories of 2014

A look back at the Longhorn newsmakers, groundbreakers, and viral sensations of an unforgettable year. It’s been a big year on the Forty Acres. We got a...


Shaking Up the Bird Family Tree

The bird family tree may look a little different than previously thought. A study published this week in Nature is just one of at least 28 scientific papers to...

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