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Who Will Watch the Watchers?

Two UT hackers have built a safeguard against the privacy intrusions of camera-wired apps. Ever get the feeling that your computer is watching you? As long as you’re...


And You May Ask Yourself … How Did I Get Here?

Abraham Burickson’s Odyssey Works creates daylong immersive performances for an audience of one. One morning last summer, Carl Collins, a 32-year-old information...


Longhorns on Mars

At NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, a group of UT-educated scientists known as the “Texas mafia” is using robots to explore a new frontier. Two and a half...

The Soldier’s Tale

The Soldier’s Tale

Army veteran and UT alum Kevin Powers, MFA ’12, has published perhaps the premier novel of the Iraq War. The reviews are in for Kevin Powers’s debut novel,...


Come Hotel or High Water

A West Texan turned urban tastemaker, hotelier Liz Lambert combines a rancher’s steely drive with a South Austinite’s laid-back cool. After kick-starting the...


The “D” Word: Drought

If and when drought worsens again, what will Texas do? From new river-flow models to better native-grass mixes, UT scientists, engineers, and alumni are on the front...


Building a Better Framework

UT architectural theory guru Steve Ross is taking his big ideas out into the field—and getting students involved.

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