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Shaky Ground

As oil and gas production has boomed again in Texas and Oklahoma, earthquakes have become a startling byproduct. Gordon Laird was standing at the foot of the bed....


Volcanoes Play Key Role in Long-Term Climate Shifts, UT Geologists Find

There are no crocodiles near the North Pole today, but that wasn’t always the case. Fossil bones from crocodile-like reptiles called champsosaurs have been unearthed...


Taking the Bite Out of Zika

We don’t know everything about the Zika virus—but we may know how to stop it. My wife is the mosquito magnet in our family. We have a running joke about how...


Great Dane

What’s the future of space travel? And what do you do if you’re wearing a spacesuit and your nose itches? Astronaut Andreas Mogensen, PhD ’07, answers these...


1,000,000,000,000,000 Watts

Or, the Secret of the Big Beam. Photography by Robert Shults If you descend two stories beneath Robert Lee Moore Hall, down into the basement, and stroll through...


The Invisible Man

Invisibility cloaks aren’t just for Harry Potter anymore. Imagine bending light, redirecting sound waves, or making an object invisible with the flip of a switch....

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