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The Way Back: Turtle Power

There’s no evidence to suggest that the inhabitants of Turtle Pond ever met Tessie, a giant mechanical Franken-turtle built at UT in 1954, but at roughly 4 feet...


The Way Back: Mr. Frank and Me

Many Texas Exes pine for the Forty Acres, but Allen Reid Robertson, BJ ’52, Life Member, had more reason than most. The 21-year-old’s studies were interrupted...


The Way Back: Over the Top

In 1974, ZZ Top rocked Memorial Stadium. By the time the music began at 3 p.m., it was 90-plus degrees and Memorial Stadium was packed with 80,000 people. The barbeque...


The Way Back: Life Before Lycra

When the UT women’s athletics program was formalized in the 1920s, Lycra hadn’t been invented. And considering the attitudes of the day, that’s probably just...

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