01_NovDec_Cover.inddThe Alcalde, founded in 1913 and pronounced “all-call-day,” is the alumni magazine of The University of Texas. It is published six times a year and mailed to the 103,000 members of the Texas Exes.

The magazine aims to keep Exes connected to the University by providing accurate, useful, and interesting information, in print and online. Our editorial policy is nonpartisan. We do, however, openly advocate  higher education and report on topics that relate to the University or higher education in general from the point of view of informed supporters.

When Texas was ruled by Mexico, the alcalde was the Spanish word for a town’s mayor or chief magistrate. This magazine is named for Gov. Oran Roberts, one of UT’s first law professors, who as governor signed UT’s charter. His nickname was “The Old Alcalde.”

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