The 2017 Impactful Alumnus Awards

The Most Impactful Alumnus Alive

The Tim Taliaferro Story

1. Innovating Excellence

They say everything is bigger in Texas, including the legendary Tim Taliaferro. “The man has been innovating excellence in the Lone Star State since the day he was born,” says President Greg Fenves. In fact, there has never been an innovator this epic in recent memory. Tim's Texas-sized ideas have disrupted the media landscape since day one.

Excellence Levels by Employment Year

2. Tim T. by the Numbers



Number of Torchy's Tacos consumed on average



Unread Emails



Average browser tabs open



Pack of watermelon chewing gum in possession at all times

Disrupting Tech


New digital platforms launched before breakfast this morning



Years until his Tesla arrives



Dollars spent on any given Flying Longhorns trip

The Outdoors


Camping trips taken in the past month

Changing Lives


Times volleyball team members called him old

3.Through the Years, A Visual

Tim with man in an orange jacket

Tim did in fact want scrubs

Taliaferro for UT Co-op

The 40-year old college professor years

The thankfully short-lived goatee and bracelet phase

Conceptualizing a totally reasonable, easy-to-execute, inexpensive idea

Brushing debris from clothing

In short: "marrying up"

Tim with former roommate

4. Quoted

“Talking to Tim retroactively increased my score on the verbal section of my MCAT.”

—Dr. John Cluley

“‘A leader ... is like a shepherd. He stays behind the flock, letting the most nimble go out ahead, whereupon the others follow, not realizing that all along they are being directed from behind.’—Nelson Mandela”

—John Fitch

“Even before my tenure at the Texas Exes, I'd heard of Tim Taliaferro—not that anyone could pronounce his name—but with a reputation like his, you don't have to.”

—Amber Pollei

“He seems fine, I guess?”

—Alan Cundy

“Tim’s truly a dynamo. He’s the Ben Bradlee of social news-flow media engagement analytics. He won’t rest until every cross-platform, multi-sensory longform innovation-space is synergized. He’ll leave no co-branded content distribution channel un-integrated. He will always push the limits of interactive digital promotion infotainment. Sorry, what was I talking about again?”

—Andrew Roush

“Tim bought me a diaper trash can from our baby registry before I even started working here that we still use. It reminds me of him: sturdy, useful, absolutely necessary. Tim smells much better though.”

—Chris O'Connell

5. In the Media

Colleagues speak on the impactfulness of this year's Most Impactful Alumnus Alive

6. Selected Press

Tim Wins Another CASE Award, Damnit

Winningest editor has no idea what to do with all these plaques

Taliaferro Finally Publishes 10,000 Word Exposé on Wallace Hall

"This is my life's work," he says.

Austin Editor Responds to Literally Every Commenter on the Internet

Tim Taliaferro somehow still finding time to eat, read every article ever written

Area Man Dances Only with his Hands

Forces coworkers to join him

6. But Seriously

You've been the greatest boss anyone could ever ask for. Thanks for pushing us to be our very best: to dream big, take risks, fight back, and keep laughing. This place won't be the same without you, Tim T. We can't wait to see what you pull off over there.

All our love,
The Comms Team