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Gloria Steinem Shines Hopeful Light on Election Cycle

The presidential election is still two months away, but many are already exhausted by the 24-hours news cycle. “Part of our problem and our depression is [with...


Texas Secretary of State Kicks Off Voter Education Campaign at UT

Students in H.W. Brands’ American history class got a visit this morning from Texas Secretary of State Carlos Cascos, BA ’74, who kicked off the state’s...


UT Advocates Podcast: Poor State of (Civic) Affairs

A new study finds shockingly low rates of civic participation in Texas. We talk with the Strauss Institute’s Regina Lawrence about the findings and what they...


Texas Ranks Low for Civic Participation [Infographic]

A new study from UT’s Strauss Institute shows low levels of civic engagement in Texas—from voting to volunteerism. But the authors say there may be hope. Texas...


Voting for a Better UT

When elections roll around, there are a lot of issues vying for your attention. Television commercial breaks and editorial pages are an endless cacophony of opinions...

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