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‘Peace Through Strength’: Ted Cruz Addresses UT ROTC Graduates

“I’ve spent much of this past week back in Washington, D.C.,” Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), began his commencement speech at the ROTC joint commissioning...


UT Advocates Podcast: Powers on Efficiency (and Parking)

President Bill Powers talks to us about UT’s push for efficiency—and instructs us on the finer points of the Texas lexicon. Powers is the 28th President...


Ohio State President Says UT an Example for Graduation Rates

This article was first published by the Daily Texan under the title “Letter recommends higher education focuses on bettering graduation rates.” As...


Powers Announces Major Push for Efficiency

As the legislature considers funding for Texas colleges, UT is unveiling a plan to save money—and generate more.  Updated 2:22 p.m. Efficiency has been a watchword...


Lawmakers File Concealed Weapons on Campus Bill

Members of the Texas Senate have filed a bill that would allow licensed gun owners to carry their weapons inside buildings on college campuses. Texas university...


UT Racks Up Another High Ranking for Value

After a year focusing on the value of college education, UT enters 2013 with more recognition. UT has been named a top value among public universities by wealth...


UT Opens Groundbreaking Drug and Biotech Lab

UT-Austin is closing the “critical gap” between research and treatment with an innovative new laboratory. The University of Texas at Austin is forging...


UT Family Lines Up Behind President Bill Powers

Sometimes a rumor from a single unnamed source can spur thousands to action. So it’s been for the Longhorn community in the last 18 hours after one anonymous...

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