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UT Farm Stand Brings Fresh Produce to Campus

Every few weeks, a little white tent crops up amid the university’s buildings, sheltering rows of crates filled with fresh strawberries, spinach, oranges, and...


New Housing and Food Director: “It’s More Just Than a Place to Eat and Sleep”

Hemlata Jhaveri, who became executive director of UT’s Division of Housing & Food Service earlier this month, now oversees 14 residence halls and 11 dining...


Students Compete to be UT’s ‘Iron Chef’ [Watch]

Cooking competitions are taking over our world, aren’t they? Witness Top Chef Texas. Even closer to home, UT’s Division of Housing and Food Service...


Old Jester Buffets Give Way to Sleek Modern Dining

Grab a bowl and heap it with your chosen veggies, from broccoli to mushrooms to peppers. Hand it off to a chef, who tosses in tofu or meat, then spicy Schezuan or...

Nov | Dec 2019
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