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Rewriting Race in Admissions

As a high-profile challenge to UT’s policies plays out, The Alcalde convened a roundtable of administrators, professors, and alumni to talk about where admissions should...


Supreme Court to Hear Texas Case on Race in Admissions

The University of Texas’ use of race in admissions will be reviewed by the nation’s highest court. Today the Supreme Court agreed to hear Fisher v. Texas,...


New “VIP” Portion of Explore UT Boosts Recruiting

The conventional wisdom was that UT didn’t need to recruit students—in a state as big as Texas, they would just show up. But while it’s true that application...


Court Upholds UT’s Right To Consider Race In Admissions

The latest tussle in the long legal tug-of-war over affirmative action has upheld UT’s right to consider race in admissions—at least for now. In a 9-7 vote...

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