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UT-SG is Working to Bring Back Texas v. Texas A&M Rivalry

Six years ago, Longhorns and Aggies took to the football field for their final battle in a 117-year-long tradition (never forget: UT won 27-25). But no matter...


A Longhorn, an Aggie, and a Close Shave

Rivalry aside, UT alumnus Paul Looney and Texas A&M grad Paul Strong say they’re revolutionizing the world of men’s shaving. Paul Looney, BA ’90,...


Big Night: Double Basketball Triumph Over Aggies

It was a symbolic, historic, and unbelievably satisfying night for Texas basketball last night as both the men’s and women’s teams took on—and defeated—Texas...


Fort Worth Exes Will Keep A&M Rivalry Alive in ‘Cowtown Showdown’

Though the UT and A&M football rivalry is over, it may live on in Fort Worth—on the flag football field. On Nov. 20, the Texas Exes Fort Worth Chapter partnered...


Horns-Down Longhorn Wasn’t Hurt, Won’t Appear at A&M

This photo of a Longhorn whose horns were, reportedly, weighted to grow downward went viral when we shared it on Tuesday. Our site briefly crashed due to heavy...

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