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Outstanding Young Texas Exes Honored in Dallas

It was a big weekend for UT in Dallas, even if the 20-17 nail-biter didn’t swing the Longhorns’ way. Cat Osterman, Alexander Eastman, Jeff Tsai, Shea...


Meet the 2013 Outstanding Young Texas Exes

If the Texas Exes’ annual Distinguished Alumnus Awards are UT’s version of the Oscars, then the Outstanding Young Texas Ex Awards are our Emmys. For...


Four Under 40: 2012’s Outstanding Young Texas Exes

How do you measure success? Some people look to bank account ledgers; others hope to carry on a legacy through their children. This year’s Outstanding Young Texas...


Professor Dads Need Work-Family Balance, OYTEX Winner Finds

Sick kids. Sleepless nights. Conflicts between work and day care. Although research suggests that most dual-income couples share parenting duties, many people still...

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