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Why Don’t We Go to the Moon Anymore?

This summer marks the 45th anniversary of the first moon landing. Support for NASA continues to shrink, yet many Americans yearn for a return to the aggressive era...



To Understand #BringBackOurGirls, Look to History

As Nigeria’s search for nearly 300 kidnapped schoolgirls enters its third month and some call for U.S. intervention, UT graduate student Brian McNeil explains...


A Look Inside Harry Houdini’s Scrapbooks

The Longhorn historians over at Not Even Past have a nifty little post up this week on magician Harry Houdini’s scrapbooks, which were made available online...


Thomas Jefferson’s Qur’an: UT Professor Explores Islam and the Founders

UT history professor Denise A. Spellberg explores what founders like Thomas Jefferson thought of Islam—and what that might teach us about the culture wars still...


Les Misérables: A Historian’s Review

Les Misérables is an emotional tour de force with eight Oscar nominations, but how does the film stack up in terms of history? UT history doctoral student Julia...


UT Physics Since 1883: A Photo Essay

Nineteenth-century equipment that’s still in use today. A surprisingly progressive tradition of educating world-class female physicists, starting in 1892....



Why the Kony Video Went Viral: A UT Student Explains

Joseph Kony has been making waves across the Internet the past few days, thanks to a slick, emotional video produced by Invisible Children, a nongovernmental organization...

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