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Staying In Tune: SIMS Foundation Aids Musician Mental Health

The same year Austin country music singer Janet Lynn lost both of her parents, she also lost her 23-year-old son, Keith, to suicide. It was 2007 and she was living...


For Peyton

After losing his 13-year-old son to suicide, David James, BA ’88, is spreading hope, one hand-knitted heart at a time. David James, BA ’88, was at a mall near...


Football and Brain Injury: “Something Needs to Change”

Doctors diagnose more than 200 concussions in NFL players each year. That’s unacceptable, says Shyam Popat, BA ’15, especially considering the long-term consequences...


Robin Williams’ Death: It’s Time to Unmask “Masked” Depression

“The guy who laughs the loudest is likely the most depressed.” That sentence, shared with me by a close friend, is ringing all too true after Robin Williams’...



UT Scholar Tells Forgotten Story of African-American Psychiatric Patients

Mental illness has a dark history in the United States—one too often clouded by stigma and ignorance. Now a UT researcher is uncovering the records of tens of...


Breaking the Silence

After two local alumni committed suicide, the Dallas Chapter came together to start a conversation about mental health. In fall 2012, the Texas Exes Dallas Chapter’s...



Top Army General Says Brain Injury Blood Test to be “Huge”

It happens all the time on the football field: A linebacker takes a hard hit to his head, shakes it off, and plays the rest of the game. He may have a concussion,...

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