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Love, Coco

I want my baby granddaughter to know me—but she’s 2,000 miles away and life is uncertain. So I’m writing her letters I hope she’ll read someday. First,...


The Big Picture: The Rankings That Matter

We all want the Longhorns in the top 25, but there are other numbers that matter. Count me among the legion of fans who love the Texas Longhorns and who look forward...


The Big Picture: Dos Gregs

Our governor and university president are both finding new frontiers with our Southern neighbor. In September, I had the privilege of attending a reception for...


The Big Picture: Pursuing the Very Best

The Forty Acres Scholars Program aims to attract top students by connecting them with alumni. In 1899, just 14 years after 32 University of Texas alumni founded the...


Talk Back: Responses to our July | August Issue

At the Alcalde, we welcome all thoughts about our coverage of the university at Fracked Charles A. Goebel, BS ’80, Life Member,...


Talk Back: Responses to our September|October Issue

{November | December 2012} Jeff Wilson’s everything-but-the-football photo essay of the spectacle that is UT gameday brought the Longhorn spirit flooding in (“Beyond...

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