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What We Can Learn From Tiananmen Square, 25 Years Later

A quarter century after the June 4, 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre, UT historian Jeremi Suri reflects on what’s changed about China—and what hasn’t. This...


Operation Diplomacy

With the military carrying out much of U.S. foreign policy, two UT scholars look at the vanishing role of the American diplomat. As American forces withdraw...


The Last of Our Heroes: Jeremi Suri on Nelson Mandela

A UT history professor explores why we need heroes like Nelson Mandela—and what Mandela’s passing means for the world. This column first appeared on Global...


UT Advocates Podcast: Jeremi Suri

Professor Jeremi Suri responds to a controversial report regarding the teaching of American history at UT-Austin. Suri holds the Mack Brown Distinguished Chair...


Frontier U

 In 1958, during the height of the Cold War, University of Texas Provost Harry Ransom wrote of a “counterfrontier” that challenged the stereotypical image...


Gingrich Touts Value of Academic Research at LBJ Library

Former speaker of the House and Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich visited the LBJ Presidential Library at UT last Thursday for a talk titled “Leadership...

Bombs, Protests, and the Contagion of Violence

Bombs, Protests, and the Contagion of Violence

I write this blog post as I sit in a Starbucks Cafe, three blocks from my faculty office. The small space is jam-packed with students and faculty drenched by a welcomed...


Jeremi Suri: Lessons From a Fallen Empire

Americans are more innovative than ever, says UT historian Jeremi Suri—but our government isn’t. To ensure future excellence, Suri argues, we must look to...


Jeremi Suri: Can America Be Great Again? [Watch]

Jeremi Suri’s game-changing idea: reinvent American greatness by taking a look back into history. Suri, UT professor, author, and historian, holds the Mack...

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