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UT, Japan Partner on Energy Efficiency

You know the feeling: The anxiety you get when your smartphone notifies you that you have 10 percent battery remaining. So you rush to plug it in. But as your device...


UT Trains Fukushima Executives on Crisis Communication

More than two years after the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster made headlines around the world, Japan is still reeling. As many as 400 tons of radioactive water...


Longhorns in Okinawa, Japan

Adrianna Gonzalez, BA ’05, MSW ’07, Life Member, shared this photo of five Longhorns representing UT at Kadena High School’s College Night in...


Konichiwa—and Hook ’em—From Kyoto

When you meet someone who’s learning your language, what’s the first thing you talk about? Probably something fundamental to your culture and your identity....


UT Alum Opens Nation’s First Independent Sake Brewery

When Yoed Anis, BA ’03, walks into work each morning, he doesn’t wear a suit and tie like most UT government graduates do. Instead, he pulls his curly hair...

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