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Arianna Huffington’s Tips for Surviving the Modern Age of Media

The sounds coming from the Connally Ballroom at the Alumni Center last Thursday sounded like a packed movie theater during a screening of a romantic comedy. The...


Staring Gone Viral

UT freshman Jacob “Gator” Weaver has a talent for staring that has turned into a YouTube sensation. “Stare of the Gator,” filmed by UT junior...


‘World’s Best Father’ Is a Longhorn [Slideshow]

Ah, the joys of being a new dad—the sleep deprivation, the cluelessness. Dave Engledow, BJ ’02, knows these feelings all too well. So to poke fun at himself...


University of Texas at Austin Lands on Another Top 10 List

UT is often highly ranked for its academics, its value, and its diversity, among other criteria. Now we can add one more accolade to the list: Austin has been named...

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