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Princeton Review Ranks UT’s Student Health Services 10th in the Nation

UT’s University Health Services is the 10th-best university health care provider in the nation, at least in the eyes of the Princeton Review. The popular...


Football and Fundraising: The Higher Ed Week in Review

We start our review close to home this week, with UT-Austin administrators at odds with the UT System over the Board of Regents’ continued records requests. The...


Voting for a Better UT

When elections roll around, there are a lot of issues vying for your attention. Television commercial breaks and editorial pages are an endless cacophony of opinions...


Consider Class-Based Admissions

For five decades now, higher education leaders have been talking up the value of diversity. Students from different backgrounds challenge each other’s ideas,...


Now Is No Time for Instability

Fellow alumni and friends of the University: We need to bring your attention to an important issue regarding the future of The University of Texas. The UT System...


Transparency in Texas Higher Ed: See For Yourself

Over the past six months, Texas higher education policy discussions have centered around calls for accessibility, affordability, and transparency. The Alcalde,...


A Bottom-Line Focus Would Harm Texas’ Top Universities

This article also ran in the Texas Tribune Over the past year in Texas, we’ve heard a vigorous debate about our public universities. Critics of Texas higher education...


Beware the Iron Cage of Accountability

Simple-minded rankings and metrics might make good sound bites, but they will not inform policies and practices that will enhance educational value. A version of...

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