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Above and Beyond: Professor Courtney Byrd’s Surprise Honor ”I don’t know how to say ‘thank you’ in a way that conveys how I feel,”...



John Daly, Communications Studies

Photo by Jay B Sauceda Daly may have spent the last 20 years researching things like shyness in people. But in a lecture hall of 300 restless college students, shy...



Shannon Patton, Nursing

Photo by Jay B Sauceda Given the elaborate emergencies she stages, Shannon Patton could surely work in Hollywood if she weren’t a nursing instructor. She’ll...



Nancy Daley, Human Sexuality

Photo by Jay B Sauceda Believe it or not, Nancy Daley was a self-proclaimed “blusher” before she started teaching a room full of college students about sex 12...



Brent Iverson, Chemistry

Photo by Jay B Sauceda Brent Iverson always emphasizes to his students the real-world application and importance of what they’re learning — whether it’s about...



John Pearce, Engineering

Photo by Jay B Sauceda For a professor of literature, being soulful and philosophical might be an easier feat. But John Pearce manages it even while teaching the...



Bruce Buchanan, Government

Photo by Jay B Sauceda For 35 years, Bruce Buchanan has taught the immensely popular and now iconic Politics of the Presidency class. Every big, entry-level course...



Charles Ramirez-Berg, Radio-TV-Film

Photo by Jay B Sauceda Like a good film, Charles Ramirez-Berg’s path to UT’s department of Radio-TV-Film had a few plot twists. He went from pre-med student...



Jennifer Wilks, English

Photo by Jay B Sauceda Though just in her eighth year of teaching, Jennifer Wilks has the poise of a veteran professor as she discusses her dual role as a teacher...



Lino Graglia, Law

Photo by Jay B Sauceda Since 1966, Lino Graglia has been teaching the same two courses: constitutional law and antitrust. But consider the course names misnomers,...

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