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Shaky Ground

As oil and gas production has boomed again in Texas and Oklahoma, earthquakes have become a startling byproduct. Gordon Laird was standing at the foot of the bed....


UT Study Sheds Light on Methane Emissions in Fracking

The hydraulic fracturing boom has boosted the U.S. economy and created thousands of jobs. But the perennially controversial technique for drilling natural gas is...


A Cold War Brews Between Saudi Arabia and Texas

In addition to the war the U.S. and its coalition partners are waging against the Islamic State, there’s another conflict brewing in the Middle East—the intensifying...


Mixed Results in New UT Study on Fracking, Methane Emissions [Watch]

If there’s any scientific subject today more fraught than hydraulic fracturing, commonly known as fracking, we’ve yet to hear of it. The controversial...


UT Accepts Recommendations From Fracking Report

An independent review of a fracking study from UT’s Energy Institute was released yesterday, and it reports serious flaws with the study’s design and...


Great Ideas on Energy: Energy Polls, Nanopartical Brooms, Campus Conservation

A century ago, The University of Texas was built on energy. Some sources may have changed, but as these brilliant innovations prove, UT is still charging ahead. 20....


UT Fracking Study Comes Under Scrutiny

For the second time in as many months, a University of Texas study on an emotionally charged, politically divisive topic is under scrutiny. In February, UT geologist...

UT Scientists: No Direct Link on Fracking, Contamination

UT Scientists: No Direct Link on Fracking, Contamination

The early word from UT scientists on so-called “fracking” is that there is no direct link between the drilling technique and groundwater contamination. Hydraulic...

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