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Higher Ed Makes Headlines at Conference on the Forty Acres

UT’s campus became the epicenter of Texas public policy debates over the weekend as the Forty Acres hosted the second-annual Texas Tribune Festival. The conference—the...


UT Scientists Fuel Method for Cleaning up Nuclear Waste

Fukushima. Chernobyl. Nuclear fuel has a long, fraught history. More expensive than coal, and more dangerous than oil. A litany of reasons prevents the United States...


UT Utilities Director Receives Award for Energy Ingenuity

Can’t see the video? Click here. $150 million. That’s how much UT spent on energy efficiency in the past year. That’s some serious sticker-shock,...


Americans are Worried About Energy, UT Poll Finds

A new poll from the McCombs School of Business’ Energy Management and Innovation Center found that less than 14 percent of Americans believe the U.S. is headed...


UT Behind Ambitious Smart-Grid Energy Project

An ambitious smart-grid energy project is making major headlines today, bringing 100 electric Chevy Volts to the streets of Austin and helping pilot-program participants...

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