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The Athletic Foodie Eats [Watch]

Olympic swimmer Garrett Weber-Gale (“From Pool to Table“) is a culinary wunderkind whose specialty is putting a healthy touch on classy gourmet recipes....



From Pool To Table

One of the hottest Longhorns to have won an Olympic gold medal isn’t just a superb athlete. Garrett Weber-Gale is a budding chef, too. After working in the...


Edible Book Festival: Room for Readers, Eaters, and Wit

Can’t see this slideshow? Click here. Have you ever eaten your words? Not like this, you haven’t. Surely the wackiest of UT events, the Edible Book...


Pancakes and Cocktails: Three Thanksgiving Recipes

Holiday cooking tends to be all about big, classic dishes: turkey and ham, stuffing and pie. But don’t forget about breakfast—you’ll need strength...

Nov | Dec 2019
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