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When Math Meets Opera

Editor’s Note: A few weeks ago, an email arrived in my inbox from the venerable Alan Cline, one of the campus’ renowned computer science professors....


Who Will Watch the Watchers?

Two UT hackers have built a safeguard against the privacy intrusions of camera-wired apps. Ever get the feeling that your computer is watching you? As long as you’re...


Sol LeWitt Artwork Unveiled at UT’s New Computer Science Building

Creativity meets technology with a new installation at the Bill and Melinda Gates Computer Complex and Dell Computer Science Hall. Can’t see the video? Click...


Bill Gates Opens New Computer Science Building

The atrium of UT’s brand-new Bill & Melinda Gates Computer Science Complex fell silent Wednesday afternoon as a robot in a burnt-orange t-shirt shuffled...


Molecular Matchmaking for Drug Discovery

Some of the greatest advances in pharmaceutical history are thanks to educated guesswork or blind luck. Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin when he noticed that...

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