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Ask Jen: Bonding With Coworkers

Hi Jen, I was recently promoted to a management position for the first time, and my team hasn’t quite bonded yet. What can I do to build good relationships personally...


Have Diploma, Will Travel, Must Network

Dear Jen, Since graduating from UT in December, I’ve been struggling with the job search. I’ve applied for about 75 jobs, but haven’t landed a single...


Negotiate Now: Tips for Women

How can women be stellar negotiators? McCombs professor Emily Amanatullah says to turn inherent sexism to your advantage. She talked strategy with Texas Exes career...


How to Network, Texas Exes Style

Hi Jen, My husband is a member of Texas Exes and is seeking another job. He is a licensed civil engineer in TX—do you have suggestions on how to use the Texas...


911 for Switching Careers

Hi Jen, I would like to start a new career and really would love to go into a field completely different from my current experience. Is there a way for me to tailor...


Stay-at-Home Mom Ready to Work Again. Help!

Dear Jen, I deliberately quit my job to stay home with my preemie newborn last June. My husband and I planned for about a year off and we’ve done great so...

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