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Kedra Ishop Resigns, Says Unrelated to Admissions Investigation

Kedra Ishop, vice provost and admissions director at UT, will step down on July 15 to become the associate vice president of enrollment management at the University...


UT System to Take Another Look at UT-Austin Admissons

If you’re even slightly familiar with the years-long tensions surrounding UT-Austin, the UT System, and the state capitol, you’ve probably come across...


Chancellor to Conduct System-Wide Admissions Inquiry

A report released this week by the UT System found that letters of recommendation from legislators may in some cases have carried extra weight in UT-Austin admissions—and...


Top 10 Percent Plan Shifts Students to Public Colleges, Study Finds

Texas’ so-called “Top 10 percent plan”—it’s really more of a Top seven percent plan—has been both praised and maligned for offering...


Bill To Extend Top Ten Percent Cap Passes House

With time running out at the legislature, a UT-specific cap on the Top 10 Percent Law takes another step forward in the legislative process. The Texas House of...


Lawmakers Find Unlikely Unanimity on Top 10 Law

For as much as the Top 10 Percent Law is loved and hated, lawmakers’ support for an extension to cap the rule is as surprising as it is unlikely. The students...


Supreme Court To Hear Oral Arguments on Race in Admissions

The U.S. Supreme Court will hear oral arguments for Fisher v. The University of Texas, which challenges the consideration of race in UT admissions, on Oct. 10....

UT’s Rural Enrollment Up, Hispanic Enrollment Edges Down

UT’s Rural Enrollment Up, Hispanic Enrollment Edges Down

How close is UT to creating a student body that looks like the rest of Texas? A new Office of Admissions report on enrollment diversity shows that progress is happening,...

UT Opens New Admissions Center With El Paso Chapter Help

UT Opens New Admissions Center With El Paso Chapter Help

Young Texans from all over the state flock to UT-Austin. But some of them find it extra-convenient to apply: they have a hometown UT Admissions Center where they...

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