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The Complete Story of DKR-Texas Memorial Stadium

The first time the stadium felt special to me—this should be obvious, but for transparency’s sake, I mean Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium, otherwise...


UTPD’s Newest Recruit Is Here to Sniff Out the Danger

In the abandoned east University Co-op building on a hot day in early July, eager paws skitter and slide across the linoleum floor as the furry members of UTPD’s...


The Way Back: The Love-ins

The Romans might have called 1968 an annus horribilis—a horrid year, full of tumult, protest, and violence. In order to counteract the anxiety and disillusionment...


The Top 10 Moments at DKR-Texas Memorial Stadium

Many of the greatest moments in Texas football history occurred far from the Forty Acres: the 1969 National Championship win against Arkansas with President Nixon...


The Other Bevos

When Waneen Spirduso entered the Capital of Texas Postcard show in North Austin last year, she didn’t know she would walk out with an undiscovered piece of Longhorn...


How One Campus Complex Powers the Entire Forty Acres

When asked what keeps him up at night, Juan Ontiveros, associate vice president for utilities, energy, and facilities management at UT, gives a surprising answer:...

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