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Table Read

Author Toni Tipton-Martin strikes up a conversation about food, race, and love. Dedicated “for us all,” there is a message for everyone in The Jemima Code:...


From Pool To Table

One of the hottest Longhorns to have won an Olympic gold medal isn’t just a superb athlete. Garrett Weber-Gale is a budding chef, too. After working in the...

Venture Labs Expo Showcases UT Startups

Venture Labs Expo Showcases UT Startups

With its 51,000 students, 3,344 faculty members, $642 million a year in research funding, and No. 3 ranking by Patent Scorecard, UT has a wealth of raw material...


But Will It Sell? Commercializing UT Technology

Universities often set the stage for a new generation of ideas, science, and innovation. Yet if the knowledge and technology that are created on campus never see...


Food Leaders Preview Talk On Austin Culinary Trends

This interview was first published in CultureMap Austin. People who truly love food love not only to eat it, but to talk about it extensively as well. And on Wednesday,...


UT in the ‘Changing the World’ Business, Professor Says

Bob Metcalfe—Ethernet co-inventor, engineer and scientist, successful entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and now professor of innovation at the Cockrell School...

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