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Alumni, Students Share “What Immigrants Look Like”

On June 16, Donald Trump made waves when he announced his Presidential candidacy. His speech, which was controversial for a few reasons, was singled out by a majority...


Shakespeare at Winedale Celebrates 45 Years

As I drove along the back roads to Shakespeare at Winedale, nestled in a tranquil corner of southeast Texas, I couldn’t help but notice how secluded the...


UT Researchers: Running May Help Treat PTSD

The physical benefits of exercise, particularly running, have long been established. But researchers have begun to expand the understanding of mental benefits...


UT Scientists Open Can of Worms on Animal Magnetic Field Detection

For centuries, people have wondered how animals navigate, and the source of many species’ keen sense of direction has long been unclear. But now UT researchers...


School Is Back in Session at Alumni College 2015

At the beginning of every summer, the University of Texas campus empties as students move out of their dorms. As they leave, a group of new and excited students...


The Write Stuff: Four 2015 Graduates with World-Changing Theses

Each year, hundreds of undergraduate students go about the daunting task of developing, researching, and writing a thesis. This year’s graduates have produced...

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