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How Do You Boil Down the Essence of UT to One Word?

I was never any good at selling. As a boy, I was cripplingly shy, and when it came time to sell M&Ms or Hershey’s bars to raise money for the school choir...


The Making of You: Bill Livingston’s Advice

UT senior vice president and former acting president Bill Livingston, who died Aug. 15 at age 93, retired in 2007 after 58 years at the University. In an Alcalde...


Remembering 9/11

In honor of our centennial, we’ve dug deep into a century’s worth of Alcalde issues to bring you a fascinating look at how the Forty Acres has changed...


Mass Production. Masser Consumption

Was the Jester cafeteria food of the ’80s hard to swallow? For me, it was paradise. It’s well and good to take stock of the diners and dives where we ate out...

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