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Cruising Horns

Michelle Babin Coyle, MEd ’07, Life Member, shared this photo from a family cruise with her son, David Babin, BS ’14, Life Member. Michelle and her husband,...


Rodeo Longhorns

Keith Weaver, BBA ’76, Life Member, and Becky Weaver captured this sweet shot of their grandson Keegan Hopkins, 3, right, and a friend admiring a longhorn...


Longhorn Meets Jill Biden

Amy Heitzman, PhD ’14, left, met Jill Biden, Second Lady of the United States, at the University Professional & Continuing Education Association conference...


Horns Up at Duckhorn

Four Longhorns gathered to taste some wine at Duckhorn Vineyards in Napa, California, in March. From left: Sharon Havard Mathews, BA ’79, Life Member;...


Two Loyal Longhorn Pups

Megan Thames Mangione BA ’08, Life Member, shared a picture of her dogs Fiona, in the pink jersey, and Shiner Bock, sporting the burnt orange.


Longhorn Newlyweds in Big Bend

Newlyweds Callen Hearne, BBA ’13, and Abbi Hearne, BFA ’15, put their horns up while hiking at Big Bend during spring break 2015.  


Painting a Bacteria Bevo

What can you do with orange bacteria? Make Bevo, of course! Julie Fogarty, BS ’13, Life Member, is working with the bacteria in a class at Stanford that she...


Law Graduates Reunite

Four UT Law graduates reunited in October at a wedding reception for Joseph Callier’s daughter. From left: Gwendolyn Watts Satterthwaite, JD ’81; Joseph...


Trending Now: Topo Chico and Man Buns

Topo Chico Water is stepping up its game in several varieties. This particular brand of sparkling mineral water hails from Mexico, and students tote the glass bottles...


Life Member Celebrates a Win

Barry Crutchfield, BA ’90, Life Member, celebrated the Nov. 8th, 2014, Longhorn win against West Virginia with his mother, Tootsie Crutchfield.

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